Too Early for Spring Fever?


Every year I start to get spring fever around this time. Though I live in snowy Maine, I grew up in temperate Maryland, where there might not even be much snow in a winter at all! In March I still expect crocuses to pop up, but in reality they don’t bloom until late April or May here.

At least there’s more sunshine every day, which makes a big difference during these cold winter months. After layering up all winter, it’s especially liberating when spring and summer roll around and I can get down to one simple layer and actually feel some sun and warm wind on my skin!

One of my favorite new additions to my much anticipated summer wardrobe are my harem pants from Bohemian Island.

I had discovered them on Instagram and was intrigued by their loose style and bright colors. I needed a break from skin-tight yoga pants and on a whim ordered a pair of harem pants and immediately fell in love.

And if you’re wondering, yes, Bohemian Island did ask me to blog about them in exchange for some clothes, but it was a no-brainer! Their harem pants are super comfy, 100% cotton, and affordable too! Only $27.50 per pair and free shipping for orders over $100.

2018-06-03 14.27.35.jpg

It was also inspiring to learn that Bohemian Island, which is located in Thailand, sources their materials from a local family-run factory. Their products are hand-stitched by people who are being paid a livable wage and working in good conditions. Bohemian Island even donates 10% of their proceeds to the Soi Dog Foundation, which is an organization committed to caring for the thousands of stray dogs and cats in Phuket. Bohemian Island is definitely a company you can feel good about supporting.

Seriously, if you need a break from tight yoga pants or if you’re looking to infuse some earthy fashion (like their shorts pictured below) into your wardrobe, definitely check out Bohemian Island!

2018-06-01 12.51.26.jpg
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